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Side Dump Trailers
If you are in the market for new or used side dump trailers, we have all of the information you could want to make your buying and/or leasing decision. Check out our pricing information, photos, specs and contact information for bottom dump, end dump & side dump trailers.
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Side Dump Trailers for Sale, Rent, or Lease

Great Western Leasing has a full inventory of side dump trailers for sale, rent, or lease. Side dump trailers are dumps which unload from the side. The tub of the side dump trailer tilts to one side and the material is “dumped” out next to the side dump trailer. By unloading at the side of the side dump trailer, the driver can either dump all the material in one pile, or move the trailer while dumping and spread the material out over a wider area.

Side dump trailers are used in many industries, as they are versatile. Besides the ability to pile up or scatter material, they are also very difficult to tip over. Additionally, our used side dump trailers are inspected by our repair shop and are DOT-ready.

Side Dump Trailer Applications

Side dump trailers are generally used to haul the following material:

  • Sand
  • Road Base
  • Reground asphalt
  • Scrap Steel
  • Trash
  • Rocks
  • Gravel
  • Other loose material

Features of side dump trailers

  • Trailer length – 40’ to 51’
  • Trailer width – 96” to 102”
  • Steel construction
  • Flat gate on the side of the trailer

Side dump trailers come in many specifications and with multiple axle settings. for heavy duty applications, see bottom dump trailers.

Side Dump Trailer Inventory

If you are looking for an economical lease or purchase for your material hauling jobs, check our new and used inventory of used side dump trailers.

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