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Trailer Curtain Sides & Roll Tarps

A curtain side trailer is a flatbed trailer that has had an upper structure installed on the flatbed as a tarping system. The curtain, or tarp system, can be easily moved out of the way, which offers quick access to the trailer for filling.

Benefits of a curtain side trailer include a fast load and unload and simpler partial deliveries. Complete access to the truck bed is available on three sides by simply pulling the curtains back. This also allows for easy accessibly of the products to be moved by forklifts. Additionally, the flexibility of a curtain side allows for the accommodation of odd shaped or oversized load orders to be filled without delay.

Not all freight is delivered in a uniform box. Curtain side trailers can transport a variety of products without worry of having to create multiple shipments because of size irregularities.

Great Western Leasing is the largest dealer for Chameleon’s Roll Tarp Kits, which are available at all locations. Chameleon’s engineered design and industry-leading service make them a top candidate for your roll tarp needs. They are also known for having the quickest and safest rolling tarp systems.

Chameleon is continuously developing and updating their systems. Their designs and upgrades can be customized to your needs. Have an older system? Don’t fret. Chameleon offers upgrades and retrofit guides that can be applied to existing systems.

Browse our available curtain sides & roll tarps to find one that will fit your needs.

Trailer Curtain Sides

There are no products available at this time, but please check back frequently, as we are constantly updating our inventory. If you are looking for a specific model, please use the form on the right and we’ll find it for you.