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End Dump Trailers

new end dump trailer for sale

Great Western Leasing offers a variety of new end dump trailers for sale, rent, and lease for your specific application. End dump trailers are a semi-enclosed unit that unloads from a single location at the back of the trailer. End dump trailers have sides which keep the load inside the trailer, and a gate at the back of the trailers where the load is “unloaded.” End dumps are made of either steel or aluminum. End dumps range in length from 20’ to 45’ and are between 96” and 102” wide. Great Western Leasing also offers bottom dump trailers

End dumps are very versatile and will haul almost any type of material. End dumps trailers are used extensively in construction products. One unique attribute an end dump has is the ability to unload the material in a single pile. This makes end dumps very useful in tight areas. Great Western Leasing has an extensive inventory of new and used end dump trailers to fit your needs.

End Dump Trailer Applications

End dump trailers are generally used to haul the following products:

  • Dirt
  • Sand
  • Scrap Metal
  • Rocks
  • Road Base
  • Trash
  • Reground asphalt
  • Other loose materials.

End dump trailers have many, many different specifications because they are used to haul such a large variety of material. In addition, end dumps operate in many different applications, so the specifications vary widely.