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Lowboy Trailers

new lowboy trailer for sale

Great Western Leasing offers an large inventory of used lowboy trailers for rent, lease, or sale. A lowboy trailer is a type of flatbed that sits very close to the ground and can haul very heavy loads. Lowboy trailers are used once the load is in excess of 55,000 pounds. Most lowboy trailers are between 48’ to 53’ long and 96” to 102” wide. Occasionally, lowboy trailers are made 108” wide. These units are referred to as a “9 wide.” Nearly all lowboy trailers are made of heavy gauge steel. Great Western Leasing has an extensive inventory of new and used lowboy trailers to fit your needs.

Lowboy trailers are nearly exclusively used to haul heavy loads. Because a lowboy trailers is so strong, it is also very heavy, so overweight permits are often necessary.

Typical Lowboy Trailer Cargo

Lowboy Trailers are generally used to haul the following products:

  • Construction Equipment
  • Heavy tanks, or other military equipment
  • Forklifts
  • Heavy steel coils
  • Transformers
  • Heavy Generators
  • Any product that is excessively heavy.

Lowboy trailers generally have 3 or more axles to accommodate the heavier loads. A common add on for a Lowboy is a “Flip Axle,” which can flip up and lay on the deck, or flip down and create an extra axle for balancing weight.