Curtain Vans & Roll Tarps


We manufacture and install custom, proprietary curtain van kits that convert flatbed trailers into curtain vans (also known as curtain-side trailers). Whether you have purchased one of our curtain van kits, or whether you have purchased another manufacturer’s curtain van, our service technicians are experts in curtain van maintenance and repair. Who better to fix your curtain van than the technicians who assemble and install them? In addition, if you would like to convert your own flatbed trailer into a curtain van, our service technicians are experts at retrofitting most make and model flatbed trailers to utilize our kit. So, if your curtain van needs work or if you want to convert your flatbed trailer into a curtain van, bring it to us, and we will have you back on the road in no time.


We are experts at installing, maintaining, and repairing rolling tarp systems. If you need a rolling tarp system, or if you need to repair your system, our service technicians will take great care of you, your tarp system, and your trailer. Whether you have purchased your rolling tarp from us or from another dealer, our service technicians have you covered.


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