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Double Drop Trailers for Rent

double drop deck trailer

Great Western Leasing offers double drop trailers for rent, and lease. Double drop trailers drop just like a drop deck trailers, however, they also dip below the trailer axles, not just the truck axles. This brings double drop deck trailers’ loadable deck height even lower, sometimes as low as 15” from the ground. However, it also significantly shortens the loadable deck length on a double drop deck. It is common for a 48’ double drop deck trailer to have 30’ deck height, sometimes even shorter. Double drop decks are made of heavy steel, and are generally between 48’ to 53’ long and 96” to 102” wide. Occasionally a double drop deck trailer may be 108” wide, commonly referred to as a “9 wide.” Great Western Leasing has an extensive inventory of double drop deck trailers to fit your needs.

Double Drop Trailer Applications

Double drop decks haul very high, but short loads. Some common loads carried on double drop decks are:

  • Construction Equipment
  • Forklifts
  • Cars
  • Trucks
  • Tanks
  • Other “high” loads

Double drop decks generally have 2 or more axles which are fixed.