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Drop Deck Trailers for Rent

new drop deck trailer for rent

Great Western Leasing offers a wide variety of drop deck trailers for rent and lease that will work with your application. Drop deck trailers or step deck trailers are built much like flatbed trailers, except they have a “gooseneck” which drops the trailer height to a lower level behind the tractor. A drop deck trailer's lower deck height allows for a taller load, as well as a lower center of gravity for a heavy load. Drop deck trailers are generally between 48’ to 53’ long and between 96” and 102” wide. Drop deck trailers are made of steel, aluminum or a combination of the steel and aluminum. Great Western Leasing has an extensive inventory of drop deck trailers to fit your needs.

Drop decks trailers are versatile, but they are better for hauling tall loads than long loads. The gooseneck shortens up the “effective length” of the loadable deck. Common names for Drop deck trailers include:

  • Drop
  • Single Drop

Drop Deck Trailer Applications

Drop deck trailers are generally used to haul the following products:

  • Heavy Steel Coils
  • Hay
  • Pipe
  • Building Materials
  • Equipment
  • Cars
  • Tanks
  • Precast Concrete
  • Generators
  • Transformers
  • Forklifts

All drop deck trailers for rent or lease come with ramps and different axle settings to accommodate various state laws, and different operating conditions.