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Hydraulic Tail Trailer Rentals

Great Western Leasing offers hydraulic tail trailers for rent or lease. Hydraulic tail trailers have a gooseneck like a drop-deck trailer with an added bonus of a hydraulic flip tail. This flip tail can be folded out and lowered to the ground for loading materials. The hydraulic tail can also raise and tilt at an inclined angle for reaching loading docks. Hydraulic tail trailers, also called adjustable axle trailers, are built out of steel and are generally 48’ to 53’ long, and 96” to 102” wide. Great Western Leasing has an extensive inventory of hydraulic tail trailers to fit your needs.

Hydraulic trailers are used extensively in the equipment rental business, and with construction companies.

Hydraulic Tail Trailer Applications

Hydraulic tail trailers generally haul the following freight:

  • Vehicles
  • Construction equipment
  • Forklifts
  • Building materials
  • Other flatbed type freight

Most hydraulic tail trailers have 2 fixed axles.

There are no products available at this time, but please check back frequently, as we are constantly updating our inventory. If you are looking for a specific model, please use the form on the right and we’ll find it for you.