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Tank Trailers for Rent

tank trailer for rent

Great Western Leasing distributes HEIL tank trailers for rent or lease to haul a large amount of liquids from our New Mexico location. Tank trailers are made of various materials to accomplish this, including stainless steel, steel, and aluminum. Tank trailers generally vary between 36’ and 51’, and they are generally 96” wide, although some applications may be 102” wide.

Tank trailers are very specific, as hauling different items requires different materials to keep corrosion to a minimum. For instance, the same material used to haul fertilizer is not a good equipment to haul milk or crude oil. For that reason, there are many different tanks. In addition, they have different pumps to unload the material, and material inside the tank trailer to keep the load from “sloshing” around and tipping the tank trailer over. Great Western Leasing has an extensive inventory of tank trailers to fit your needs.

Tanker Trailer Applications

Some material hauled in tanks include crude, fertilizer, milk, water, petroleum, gas, chemicals, corrosives, explosives, and nitrogen. Most tanks have 2 or 3 fixed axles.