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Used Step Deck Trailers


Great Western Leasing’s extensive fleet of used drop deck trailers is available for lease, rental, or sale, providing you with a cost-effective option for your material transportation applications. Our drop deck trailers are inspected by our repair shop and are DOT-ready.

Drop deck trailers, also known as step deck trailers, are versatile open trailers constructed with a “gooseneck” that drops the trailer height below the level of standard flatbed trailers and is designed to handle taller loads. In addition, the lower trailer provides a lower center of gravity, allowing the trailers to haul heavy loads. Some of the products and equipment drop deck trailers are used to transport are:

  • Heavy steel coils
  • Hay
  • Pipe
  • Building materials
  • Equipment
  • Cars
  • Tanks
  • Pre-cast concrete
  • Generators
  • Transformers
  • Forklifts

Features of drop deck trailers include:

  • Trailer length – 45’ to 53’
  • Trailer width – 96” to 102”
  • Trailer weight – 8,500 to 12,000 lbs.
  • Steel, aluminum, or steel/aluminum combination construction
  • Different axle and suspension settings  to accommodate different operations and meet various state laws

Popular Manufacturers:

  • Chaparral
  • Wilson
  • Western
  • Utility
  • Fontaine
  • Dorsey

If you are looking for an economical lease or purchase for your product and equipment hauling jobs, check our inventory of used drop deck trailers.  All drop deck trailers for sale, rent, or lease come with ramps and different axle settings to accommodate various state laws, and different operating conditions.