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Used Side Dump Trailers

used side dump trailer

Great Western Leasing’s extensive fleet of used side dump trailers is available for lease, rental, or sale providing you with a cost-effective option for your material transportation and construction applications. Our side dump trailers are inspected by our repair shop and are DOT-ready.

If you are looking for an economical lease or purchase for your material hauling jobs, check our inventory of used side dump trailers.

Side dump trailers are semi-enclosed trailers used to haul loose materials. They are constructed with raised sides, an open top, and a gate in the side for unloading. These trailers are generally loaded through the open top and unloaded from the side of the trailer. The side dump allows the material to be unloaded in a single pile or while the truck is moving to spread the material.

Some of the materials side dump trailers are used to transport are:

  • Sand
  • Road base
  • Reground asphalt
  • Trash
  • Rocks
  • Gravel
  • Other loose materials

Features of side dump trailers include:

  • Trailer length – 40’ to 51’
  • Trailer width – 96” to 102”
  • Steel construction
  • Flat gate on the side of the trailer

Great Western Leasing’s side dump trailers are available in a range of specifications and with multiple axle settings.

For heavy duty applications, see bottom dump trailers.

Contact Great Western Leasing today to see our current inventory of used side dump trailers.

There are no products available at this time, but please check back frequently, as we are constantly updating our inventory. If you are looking for a specific model, please use the form on the right and we’ll find it for you.